Flower Care


  • In order to maintain your arrangements, please take care when removing the cellophane or wrapping. Cutting the stems of the flowers will allow for longer-laster arrangements
  • When removing the stems, ensure they are cut on an angle about 3cm from the end
  • Place the flowers in deep water and stand in a cool, shady area for a minimum of an hour then fill a vase with water, add the flower food and place the flowers in the vase
  • Keep your flowers away from droughts, direct heat or sunlight and ensure that they are placed in a cool location. Top up regularly with fresh water
  • Some of your flowers may still be in bud, which allows you to enjoy them for as long as possible


  • Keep your flowers in a cool location away from droughts, direct heat or sunlight
  • Top up regularly with fresh water

All Cut Flowers

  • Re-cut all stems approximately 3-4cm
  • Keep flowers in a cool place but away from droughts
  • Keep flowers away from extreme heat and cold, ea. heaters, air conditioners, TV, microwaves, computers
  • Keep flowers away from fruits: they release a gas called ethylene, which accelerates the aging process of cut flowers
  • You may use fresh water at tap temperature as an alternative to flower food preservative
  • Re-fill vase with fresh water 2-3 days